Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to Wyoming

Well i've finally made it back to wyoming and its good to be back. The weather has been pretty aweful but honestly, its nice to have some cool weather for a change. Most of my week has been spent moving and substitute teaching but i did finally get to fish with some clients down on the green on saturday. The weather was really bad and the fishing was tough but these guys stuck it out and managed to catch some fish in tough conditions. I think if the weather would have stayed a little more stable we would have really beat up on some fish but hopefully it won't be the last time i get to fish with these guys.
I'm trying to get some belize pics up as soon as possible but i'm waiting for them to come in from some of the other guys that were on the trip. I've got some pics but i lost alot of the good ones when my camera took an unexpected swim in the ocean. I'll try and get a slideshow together but it may take awhile.

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