Sunday, April 7, 2013

North Platte, South Fork, and Snake Rivers

I've had all of spring break off to fish for these past two weeks. I've spent some time down on the north platte, a few days on the south fork, and a day on the snake. Fishing was very good on all three of the rivers. On the North Platte we caught alot of fish, a few big ones, but mostly fish in the 12-15 inch range. It was pretty much all nymphing with a little streamer action here and there. The south fork has been fishing well, again with nymphs. Some days are excellent, some a little slower. Tons of whities with nice trout mixed in a regular intervals. The Snake river has been crazy recently. The fish are stacked up in the wintering holes and suspended a few feet below the surface. Once you find these spots you can catch as many fish in the 10-16inch range as you want with a few bigger fish hanging around. The video I've posted is from one of these spots on the Snake. If you watch closely, the fish that is being released goes right back into the feeding lane and begins feeding again. Copy and paste this like to see the video

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