Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3/12/14 Spring Is Here

Spring has come to the valley here. The temps have been consistently into the upper 30;s and low 40's most days. At this point our snow pack is at 144% of normal so we fishermen are hoping that it stops snowing and we continue to have this warm weather to get our runoff started. A buddy and I managed to get some fishing in a week ago. We had a great time and the fishing was excellent. The rainbows were just starting to spawn and the fish were keying in on a combination of midges and eggs. Just one thing that I feel I should mention with spring upon us, when you do see spawning fish I would ask that you please not fish directly to those spawning fish. Its very tempting when you see large fish in very shallow water to cast at them, but that can be very damaging to a fishery. Those fish that are trying to spawn have enough to worry about without fishermen trying to rip them off of their redds. If you do see trout spawning activity, you can always fish the deeper pools and runs downstream of them, there will always be fish in those deeper areas.
The Snake River is looking great right now. I took my dog for a walk down by the river earlier today and I saw a ton of fish feeding on midges. The fishing shoudl be very good until runoff rolls around.

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