Saturday, March 1, 2014

Late Winter Update

Hi everyone and sorry for the long delay between posts. Winter is finally starting to let up just a little bit an I'll hopefully be fishing more often in the near future. I haven't fished much this winter but I did get to do some saltwater fishing this January down in St. Thomas. My dad and I spent a day going for both tarpon and snook while we were on a family trip. We had a number of snook follow and I ended up hooking two large tarpon in the 60-90lb class, but they both ended up jumping and throwing the hook. It was some unsucessful fishing, kinda tought when you only have one day, but still alot of fun.
My buddy Pat and I did go fish the South Fork the other day. The fishing was good but not great, the weather didn't quite cooperate as we had planned. I tookt he dog for a walk down by the Snake two days ago and it looks ready to go. There were a few fishermen down there and I could see a number of fish suspended and feeding up in the water column. I should have brought my rod. The skiing here has been excellent for the whole month of February. It has been very water, low thirties up to the low fourties, and it has been snowing a ton. As I look out my window right now it looks like I've got a foot of new snow on my car and its still dumping. A buddy and I went for a big tour up on Togwotee Pass the other day and had a great time. We were exploring a new area and got all the way to the top but had to be very careful and conservative on the way down because of unstable snow conditions. There had been alot of avalanche activity int he area and we had some snow "whoomphing" under our feet. We had gotten up there too late in the day so we needed to just safely creep down the mountain. Beautiful day though and a neat area.
Our water conditions are looking great at the moment. We have 137% of water content in our snow pack. At this point I am less concerned with having low water and a little more concerned with having too much water. At this rate much of the snow at low levels is starting to melt off so that should help to moderate our run-off. We'll see how things goo from here but I don't think it will be another low water year. It won't be long until we're catching some nice spring fish.

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