Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big fish

Check out this pig my buddy caught... It was 27 inches long and ate a big foam dry fly in a nice little Wyoming river. He caught this same fish back in march but it wasn't nearly as fat and healthy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Fishing has been very hot recently. The South Fork is on fire but very crowded, the Green has been fishing well very early but has been heating up later in the day, and the Snake has been excellent for lots of smaller fish with a few large fish mixed in. Yesterday I fished the south fork with Ryan Richardson and we had an excellent day with very large numbers of good fish being caught on both dries and nymphs in the riffles. Here are a few photos from that day. The other photo is of a father son double (Steve and Bradely Rowe) on the snake in the national park. The guys kept track that day and i think they landed something like 44 or 47 trout with most in the 8-12 inch range but a few around 14in and one about 16in.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Client Photos

I just got some pictures sent to me by my clients. Oliver is the young guy in the photos and is very new to fishing. He did a great job while he was out here and is destined to be a great fly fisherman.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18th

Fishing has been great recently. The Snake is fishing excellent on dry flies and the South Fork has fished well on nymphs early then dry flies later in the day. The Green has been alright recently but the water temps are getting pretty high later in the day. Fishing there has been shutting down usually around two in the afternoon but it can be good early. We've had a lot of yellow sallies, drakes, and PMDs around. The golden stones are just getting started and are coming on pretty heavily on the Snake.
I've been fortunate to have some really good clients recently. Lots of good fisherman and, even more importantly, good company. These pictures are of clients from the Green and South Fork this past week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trip Advisor

I just recently setup a trip advisor account for my business... I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who has taken a trip with me would would write a review on trip advisor to up my ranking. There's a link to write a review on the right hand side of this website... If you have some extra time please write a review. thanks guys

Dry Flies

The dry fly action has started off here in a big way. Both the South fork and the Green have started to fish very well and i've had a couple great days out there. The south fork and the green have lots of salmonflies, drakes, yellow sallies, and PMDs going of right now with nymph fishing being very good early in the day and the dry fly fishing improving as the day moves on. I've had some great recent trips... one on the lower SF with Trey and Zee, then one on the canyon of the south fork with Mark Weidner. Both days were great and fishing was excellent. Here are some pictures from those days.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I've spent the past few days fishing some big fish water with my buddy Greg. Fishing was relatively slow in terms of numbers but excellent in terms of size. I caught this 6.4lbs beauty on my first cast. Greg had an equally large fish take a swipe at his streamer right at the boat. There were lots of bugs around (grey drakes, yellow sallies, PMDs, Brown Drakes, and yellow drakes) and finally some rising fish. When this water drops just a little the fishing should get hot.