Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trip Advisor

Hello everyone. I have a small request of you if you've ever gone on a guide trip with me before. It would be extremely helpful to me if you could write a positive review for my guide service on trip advisor. This doesn't take much time and any review is helpful. If you do want to write a review, you can find a quick link to trip advisor on the lower right side of my blog. Thanks for your help!


I spent the weekend fishing locally. The Snake fished very well with fish eating both streamers and nymphs. My buddy actually landed what is probably the largest cutty I've ever seen out of the Snake. This fish was around 21 inches, maybe a little bigger if you ask him, and was caught sight nymphing a shallow riffle. The Green did not fish nearly as well, the water was cold and off-color. I did catch one nice 20.5 inch brown on a streamer but that was really the only action we had on the day. It was still nice to be getting out on the river with some buddies again.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break Fishing

We just recently finished up spring break here in Wyoming and I had some awesome fishing. I spent the first few days of my break fishing my way down to Denver. Saturday was one of the most amazing fishing days I’ve ever had, between the three of us we landed well over 50 fish. That is very rare to say, but I don’t think we went more than 3 minutes without hooking up with a fish. You know it’s gonna be a great day when you land a 23 inch, 5.25lb brown as your third fish of the day. I tried to keep track of my fish but lost count after 17 in the first 2hrs. It was a truly amazing day and I hope that it’s just the beginning of an epic season. Oh, Sunday was pretty good fishing too. Lots of fish caught and a number of doubles. The one double picture I have posted is actually of my dad holding a 21 inch fish and a 17 inch fish. Not a bad double, but the picture doesn’t do it justice.

The second week of my spring break was spent down in Mexico, spending some time with the girlfriend and getting a day of tarpon fishing in. The fishing wasn’t great, it was a little early in the season but a few of the big tarpon were around. I only caught a few smaller tarpon and missed a few others, but I’m excited to go back. Overall the trip was great and the fishing was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Fishing

I've had some absolutely amazing spring fishing this year! We just finished up our spring break out here and I caught some nice fish over the break. Here's a quick picture of a fish from a 3 acre pond down in Colorado. This fish ate a scud right at the boat and weighed in right at 6lbs. It was a great fight with the fish tailwalking around the pond. Not a bad fish to catch on my 28th birthday! I also spent some time fishing in Wyoming and in Mexico. Those pictures will be coming soon.