Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snake River in the Spring

I took a fly rod with me while taking the dog for a walk down by the Snake yesterday. I couldn't believe how good the fishing was. I don't normally fish the Snake very often, simply because I spend so many day guiding it, but I could not believe how good the fishing was. I wasn't really planning on fishing unless I could sight fish. When I got down to a few spots in the river there were literally hundreds of fish stacked up, sitting up in the water column, about 2 feet under the surface. I had a field day with these fish, they would eat just about anything small, both nymphs and dries. These fish were packed into small areas where springs come into the river, warming the water up a few degrees. Mot of the fish were in the 8-16 inch range but there were a few fish cruising around that looked bigger. You just couldn't get the fly past the smaller fish to reach the biggest ones. I should have taken my camera just to video it but I forgot... sorry. This picture is from a day on the South Fork last week. That day was also very good but the sheer number were nothing like yesterday.