Pricing and Options

WALK-IN TRIP 4hr= $400 
LAVA CREEK RANCH= $650 short day, $800 full day 

*3 PERSON TRIP= trip price + $150, please ask about options

* A deposit is required at the time of booking.  The deposit is half the trip cost and is refundable up to 7 days before the trip date.  Within 7 days of the the trip, any cancellation will not be refunded the deposit.

All days include: 
           - Fishing gear
           - Drinks and snacks
           - Full days also include a full lunch which usually consists of sandwiches, chips, and fruit or salad. 
           - PFDs are always available in the boat.
           - I carry some extra rain gear and sunscreen but you should still bring your own.  

Costs not included in the trip price are: 
           - Gratuity (average gratuity is 15-20%).  Gratuities are a large portion of the guides take home pay after all fees and expenses.
           one day fishing license ($14, please purchase online prior to trip)
           - If guiding through Grand Teton Fly Fishing we'll pick up a few flies at the shop(approx. $25 per boat)
            - Fishing Rods are available for use but if you do break a rod there is an additional $50 fee to help repair the rod.  This is half of the cost to repair the rod and I will cover the other half of the repair myself.  This is rare but does occasionally happen. The $50 charge simply helps to mitigate what would be a rather large expense for the guide.