Saturday, January 19, 2013

We've been in a serious cold spell in the valley recently. The temperatures here have been about as cold as I have seen them for as long as I've seen them in the valley. Normal morning temperatures have been between -15 and -10 with daytime highs not being much above 0. Needless to say, this means we haven't been doing any fishing recently and the skiing has only been ok because we've been in a dry spell. On the plus side the water levels are about normal for this time of year so hopefully we'll be good to go for the summer. As we get into February I plan to start doing more fishing and may have more to write about. I am having shoulder surgery soon so that will put an end to my ski season and probably motivate me to fish a bit more, even though I'll have to use my left arm. Here are a few pictures from this past year that I don't think I've posted yet. Take care.