Monday, April 28, 2014


Winter weather has come back into the valley recently and fishing has been put on hold for the time being. Before the weather rolled in the fishing had been excellent on the Snake River with both nymphs and streamers. The Snake always fishes really well before runoff hits, but exactly when that is is very unpredictable. We have been fishing some nearby areas and been doing quite well as long as the weather holds up.
While I was down in Colorado a few weeks ago, my mom dug up a few interesting photos that she had found. These photos were of my first day ever fly fishing on the Colorado River back in 1997. Its interesting to think about how that one fishing experience has had such an influence on my life since then. Even though we only caught two fish that day, I was addicted to fly fishing from that moment on.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sayulita, Mexico

I just got back from a week long trip to Sayulita, Mexico for some surfing, fishing, and relaxing. I also got engaged to my longtime girlfriend Annie while on the trip, so the fishing took a bit of a backseat to that. The fishing was pretty good overall, nothing incredible, but we did catch a number of fish and had consistent action. We caught Bonita, Skipjack Tuna, Jack Crevalle, Snappers, some assorted other Jacks, and some Sierra Mackerel. We did see some Dorado while we were down there, but they were either uninterested in feeding or they were gone before we had a good shot at them. We had our best success either finding diving birds and bait balls or live bait chumming around structure. We used mostly 2-3 inch sardine imitations on both floating lines and heavy sink lines, we were also able to catch some fish on small poppers which was a real treat. Our guides were some real characters which added to the overall experience of the whole trip. We still have early spring conditions here in the valley, its snowing outside as I write this. The fishing has been very good but it is always weather dependent this time of year. If the weather is good the fishing can be excellent, if its cold and snowing, you're probably better off skiing. It looks like our weather is going to very good this next week so the fishing should be excellent.