Sunday, May 23, 2021

Instagram Account for Fishing Reports

     Please check out my Instagram account, @jhtrout_fly_fishing, for up to date pictures and fishing reports.  It is quicker and easier to post my updated fishing reports on Instagram so hopefully I'll be better about keeping that updated.  I'll also post some helpful tips on how to improve your fly fishing on there, so if you're coming out for a trip it might be worth your time to look through those prior to your float.  Cheers!

Monday, February 15, 2021

2021, back to the blog, no more

     2020 was a very unique year for everyone to say the least.  Since I'm both working as a nurse and a fishing guide these days I decided to guide only in a very limited capacity last year.  With the hospital as crazy as it was, the uncertainty surrounding what the guide season, and a young child I decided to only guide my return clients that have fished with me for many
years.  In 2021 I'll be back to guiding as normal in addition to my working as a nurse.  This will give me 3-4 days a week in which to guide this summer.  I'm very excited to get back to guiding this year.  I was surprised by how much I missed guiding despite getting in a lot more personal fishing time.

     With more free time I was able to get out and fish a lot more.  2020 was an exceptional big fish year for me.  I managed to catch more fish and more big fish in a year than I think I ever had.  Our rivers and lakes are in exceptional shape courtesy of many years now in which we've had a great snowpack and plenty of water.  Based on our current snowpack and how much it's been snowing already in February, I expect that 2021 will be just as good a fishing as last year was.