Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th

Fishing continues to improve in the area but it has come at a slower than expected rate. Its shocking to me how long it has taken for the water to start coming down but it does seem like it is finally coming down. Certain areas have been fishing really well but certain areas are still too high. It'll b e a little while before we're fishing the snake... the firehole is starting to get too warm... the green is still high but coming down rapidly... and the south fork is actually fishing very well. Most of the activity has been on big nymphs and streamers but we have started to see good bug activity and some rising fish in the past few days. The plus side of the high water is that fishing later this summer and into the fall will be fantastic! The fish we are catching are fat and healthy and this trend should continue through the year.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cool Videos

check out the videos on this site These guys are some buddies of mine who are just interested in filming and make some interesting clips.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I had Michael Bateman out on a guide trip here on sunday. The fishing was decent... we fished streamers hard and also fished some nymphs like sanjuan worms and stoneflies throughout the day. The streamer fishing was interesting to say the least, we had many fish chase and follow the streamers but not too many of em ate. If the fish had been just a little more aggressive we would have had an exceptional day. We also spent some time nymphing and met with some success doing that. The bugs were pretty active and the fish should be starting to look up. Here's a picture of the biggest fish we landed on sunday.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Fishing

The fishing around here has started to heat up. Some of the rivers that I can guide are starting to drop and clear. The green has been fishing well recently and the south fork has dropped and begun to fish well with both nymphs and streamers. The dry fly fishing has still been slow with the exception of the Firehole... that'll change here soon though. Here are a few pictures from a day I spent fishing with some buddies in the area.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well some of the rivers have started to crest and drop in recent days. The weather has started to turn nice and we should be fishing some different rivers by the end of the week. The fish are starting to get more active and the dry fly fishing is starting to get hot. Hopefully runoff will be over soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Rivers

Runoff has hit hard in the area in the past week. The temps have warmed a little and its been raining a ton. The rain has been a bit of a blessing in certain ways though because its helped to melt alot of snow and accelerate our runoff. Even with the huge runoff we've been able to find some good fishing. The Firehole in yellowstone has been on fire... sorry, no pun intended. Fishing subsurface early in the day has been very effective and in the afternoons we've been getting some really good hatches of caddis and white millers that have provided some great dry fly fishing. I was just on the firehole the other day with a dad and his two sons, none of whom had ever fly fished, and we did very well. The guys learned quickly, they listened well, and they caught lots of fish. The scenery is also very interesting on the firehole because you're actually fishing in the middle of a geyser basin with geysers going off within twenty yards of you.
When i haven't been fishing the Firehole I've been fishing local lakes and beating up on some of the lake trout that are in extremely shallow water this time of year. These lakes are beautiful and those lake trout are delicious in fish tacos.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June is finally here

Well this has been a wet spring for us. The rivers of the area stayed amazingly clear late into the season and the fishing was fantastic but now runoff has started and the fishing in many areas has slowed. For guiding this time of year i'll usually do the South Fork over in idaho, the Firehole in yellowstone, or fish some of the lakes in the area. The fishing in these areas can be really good during runoff and the South Fork can be incredible if the releases out of the dam don't get too high. The good news for fishermen out here is that the recent rains have started to melt the snowpack much quicker and should cause the rivers to clear earlier than expected. When the rivers do clear the fishing is gonna be really good and the fish should be very fat and healthy with all this water around.
As for my recent fishing... i've been fishing the south fork often and its been very good nymphing the soft inside corners and i've been doing alot of driving and fishing some new lakes in the area. Learning to be a really good lake fly fisherman is something that takes alot of practice and time on the water. Most fly fishermen around here don't fish lakes so by figuring out the lakes in the area i've been able to open up unpressured water to myself and any buddies who want to go fishing with me. It doens't hurt that lakes in this area tend to hold some real monster trout. I'll keep you guys posted and shoot me an email if you're gonna be in the area anytime soon and i'll let ya know about the fishing. Oh, here are a few belize pics just for fun.