Sunday, July 28, 2013

July, 28th 2013

Fishing still continues to be very good for the time being. Here's a picture from the teton river on a day off not long ago. Hopefully the weather is kind to us and the fishing will continue to be good.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25th

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been super busy this year and barely have a free minute to post. In summary the fishing has been very good. The green and new fork are getting low and warm so that's on the way out. The Snake has been high but actually fishing very well in the park. The south fork is apparently fishing well in the mornings but slowing in the afternoon with higher temps. There are also some other options around. I think this is the year of fishing alternative stretches and fishing earlier in the day. I'll post some client pictures here soon but for the time being here are some more pictures from my Belize trip.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I just got back from an amazing fishing trip in Belize with my dad. We'd been planning this trip for a long time now and I think my dad is hooked on tarpon. My dad and I left on June 26th and headed down for a week of fishing (we sent my girlfriend and mom to Las Vegas instead of dragging them along). We thought we were in some serious trouble when we got down there. The area had just been hit by a tropical depression and many of the rivers we had planned to fish were at major flood levels. We must have hit the fishing just right. Our first three days were some of the most amazing saltwater fishing I've ever seen. We found lots of tarpon, including the big boys, cruising the ocean flats, eating everything you would throw at them. We landed tarpon up to between 100-115 lbs, the biggest one landed escaped our grasp just as we were trying to get a good photo of it. We also had great permit and snook fishing while we were down there. In one day we managed to hook 4 permit and land 3 of them! I spent a whole week fishing just for permit years ago in Belize and between two of us we never hooked a single permit. These were big boys too with the largest being 22lbs and the smallest being 19lbs. We did also manage some nice snook with the biggest one coming in at 7 lbs. All in all it was an awesome trip. From there I headed to Vermont for a buddy's wedding. It was a great time and my friend Greg and I stayed on for two additional day to try and catch some muskie in the rivers. Unfortunately the northeast has been pounded by rain and the fishing was poor. Greg had one follow and I did manage to have one muskie eat at the boat but somehow blew the hookset. I'll be slowly adding some of the Belize pictures to my blog. I'm about to be very bust with guiding at the moment but I'll try to post them and I'll also be adding them to the Belize slideshow located on the lower right edge of my blog.