Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well I spent two weeks over spring break down in Baja chasing roosterfish again. Unfortunately the water was unbelievably cold for this time of year and the fish really weren't around yet. We did see a few roosters but they were all too busy spawning. We were fortunate to see lots of other wildlife on the trip. We got to see breaching whales, Orcas, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Manta rays, and a huge group of spawning and jumping bat rays that we were able to row our kayaks out to. With the fishing being so bad we decided to turn to plan B and go surfing for the rest of the time.
Since coming back to Jackson the weather has gotten warmer but the snow has continued to come. The skiing has been great but I can't tell you how ready I am for summer. I'm heading over to Idaho today to get my boat so hopefully I'll be fishing here before too long.