Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is here

Fall has officially reached the valley! Nightime lows have been dipping into the lower thirties and upper twenties every night, but the daytime highs have still been very pleasent with temps in the 70's most days. This cold weather snap has really usherd in the fall hatches and has kicked the dry fly fishing into full swing. We've got great hatches of september stones, mahogany duns, and snake drakes this time of year. Our fishing tends to be best midday but we do pickup some good fish early in the morning.
Here are a few pictures my dad sent me recently... one is of a 10.4lb rainbow he caught in colorado over the weekend. He caught this fish on a size 16 ant in a pond a few hours from boulder. I'm very proud of him because he normally loses all the big trout he hooks. He finally got a big one after all the years we've spent hooking and losing big fish. The other pictures are from my dad of the forest fire near Boulder, CO. This fire is getting pretty large and has made for some pretty impressive photos. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. i bet your mom caught the fish and let him pose in the photo with him.