Monday, October 18, 2010

Fishing with dad

I spent the weekend of October 9th fishing with my dad. He drove up and we did some fishing in the jackson area. The weather was rainy and nasty on saturday but the fishing was pretty good with a solid baetis hatch coming off. Most fish came on nymphs but a number of the fish ate smaller dry flies in the riffles. The second day was sunny and beautiful with the fishing being excellent early in the day and a little slower later in the day. The fish were eating dries but were tucked amazingly far up into cover. We did manage some good fish on baetis and hopper patterns though. It was a great trip overall and it was nice to do some fishing with my dad.


  1. that's nice of you to let your dad catch a few.

  2. Thanks for not letting out the stash. Good on you! Nice trout over there! My favorite spot.