Thursday, January 19, 2012


My girlfriend flew into town this weekend and I convinced her to go out and do some fishing with me. We took the dog and my buddy Greg with us and ended up having a really good day. It was nice and sunny but pretty darn windy when we got to the river. This made for tough casting conditions, but the fish were on the feed so all was good. We landed good numbers of decent sized fish, no real monsters, and got into some neat sight nymphing situations. Here are a few pictures from the trip; we had to get a little creative when hauling the boat out though. The ramp was too icy to back down so I had to hookup and old climbing rope to drag the boat up the ramp.
Right now we're getting one heck of a winter storm here in Jackson. The system has dumped 3 feet in less than 48hrs and is still going. That will probably turn off the fishing here but at least we've been getting in some good skiing. I'll try and report on the skiing again here before too long.

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