Thursday, April 19, 2012


I spent the weekend fishing locally. The Snake fished very well with fish eating both streamers and nymphs. My buddy actually landed what is probably the largest cutty I've ever seen out of the Snake. This fish was around 21 inches, maybe a little bigger if you ask him, and was caught sight nymphing a shallow riffle. The Green did not fish nearly as well, the water was cold and off-color. I did catch one nice 20.5 inch brown on a streamer but that was really the only action we had on the day. It was still nice to be getting out on the river with some buddies again.

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  1. Nice Yellow-belly Cutthroat! U shouldn't just leave such a nice fish sitting on the sandy/rocky bank though...He probably smacked/flipped on the rocks/sand a few times while u were fumbling around for your camera!!