Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm sorry for my terrible lack of postings recently, the fishing has just been too good to take a break from. Everything in the area is fishing well. The south fork has some great hatches going on, the green still has plenty of water, and the Snake has been fishing great with many of the bigger fish starting to drop out of the tribs and ending up in the main river. The recent thunderstorms have really helped our water situation and hopefully they won't have to bump the flows for irrigation reasons later in the year. Here are a few pictures from some recent fishing trips. On is of a 22inch rainbow I caught while fishing with my dad in colorado, one is of an 18 inch cutty that Jay Brunker pulled out of the snake on a recent trip, and one is of a 24inch cutty I caught on a local pond just the other day. I'm pretty excited to have caught that fish. It was all sight fishing, the take was beautiful, and best of all it ate a dry fly on 2x tippet which made the fight nice and easy.

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