Friday, July 11, 2014


Fishing in the area is finally starting to catch fire. The South fork is fishing very well,The Salt is excellent, the Green is on fire, and the Snake is finally starting to clear and fish. There are some many options at this time of year... its truely one of my favorite times to be guiding. We've had some excellent fishing days recently and caught some great fish. I was on the Salt with Lew Ofstein and caught some amazing fish entirely on dries. I've also had some excellent fishing on other rivers the past week or so. Take a look at these two pictures and the scar on this 21.5 inch rainbow's tail... think it's the same fish? This same client also landed a 23.5 inch rainbow, the second time I've landed this fish, but unfortunately droppped the fish before a good picture was taken. I've included a picture of the fish being netted, Kirk trying to lift the fish, and what the fish would have looked like. Its a shame we didn't get a good picture but with was still and amazing catch! I hope to have the next day or two off here so hopefully I'll get to go spend some time fishing with friends. Hopefully I'll have some good new pictures in the next few days.

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