Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Morels Hunting, Shed Hunting, and Lake Trout Fishing!

May is a great time of year in our area. There are so many different fun things to do and the weather can feel like summer. Some buddies and I have spent some time hunting elk sheds and collecting morel mushrooms in the area. I've been fortunate enough to find a few nice elk sheds and tons of morels this year. In one day, a buddy and I managed to collect 21lbs 5oz of morel mushrooms, a personal best for me. If you've never tried these mushrooms you're doing yourself an injustice. They are incredible whether sauteed alone or paired with elk or beef steaks. As far as the fishing goes, Jackson lake has been spectacular. The ice just recently came off of the lake and we've been crushing Macks since then. These Mackinaw trout will eat both flies and lures with bright colored flies and lures in the 3-5 inch range tending to be the best. These fish are really shallow at the moment and we've been able to sight fish to them in 2-6ft of water. Its kinda like flats fishing in a large, cold, northern Wyoming lake.

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