Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jackson Hole Fall Fishing Summary Part 2

The Green fish great again this year. The secret is certainly out out on this river and its unlikely that you'll go without seeing at least another boat or two during a day's worth of fishing. When I started fishing the Green I would rarely ever see another boat down there, but unfortunately and inevitably word does get out. That's why I rarely write what river or lake I"m actually fishing when I write in this blog. Regardless of the pressure the fishing continues to be excellent if you know where to go and how to fish it. The hatches were great this year and we had excellent flows for almost the entire year. Young trout recruitment should be excellent and the growth rates on fish for this upcoming year should be stellar. The fall fishing was excellent with big healthy trout being caught and even some large kokanee salmon, fair hooked in the mouth I might add. Quite often these fish aren't eating aggressively but sometimes, for whatever reason, you do find them taking flies, both nymph and streamer patterns. I did have one particularly fun fall trip this year with my brother-in-law and a good buddy of ours. The fishing was good with both kokanee and trout being caught. Mostly nymph and streamer fishing but consistent action all the same. If you've never seen a kokanee salmon before they're a pretty cool fish. They're actually a landlocked sockeye salmon that turns the same bright red color after it enters the river. Just like in Alaska, whenever you find large groups of kokanee, as we do in many different rivers in our area, you tend to find trout adjacent to them. It can make for some pretty interesting fishing, mini-Alaska type fishing.

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