Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June is finally here

Well this has been a wet spring for us. The rivers of the area stayed amazingly clear late into the season and the fishing was fantastic but now runoff has started and the fishing in many areas has slowed. For guiding this time of year i'll usually do the South Fork over in idaho, the Firehole in yellowstone, or fish some of the lakes in the area. The fishing in these areas can be really good during runoff and the South Fork can be incredible if the releases out of the dam don't get too high. The good news for fishermen out here is that the recent rains have started to melt the snowpack much quicker and should cause the rivers to clear earlier than expected. When the rivers do clear the fishing is gonna be really good and the fish should be very fat and healthy with all this water around.
As for my recent fishing... i've been fishing the south fork often and its been very good nymphing the soft inside corners and i've been doing alot of driving and fishing some new lakes in the area. Learning to be a really good lake fly fisherman is something that takes alot of practice and time on the water. Most fly fishermen around here don't fish lakes so by figuring out the lakes in the area i've been able to open up unpressured water to myself and any buddies who want to go fishing with me. It doens't hurt that lakes in this area tend to hold some real monster trout. I'll keep you guys posted and shoot me an email if you're gonna be in the area anytime soon and i'll let ya know about the fishing. Oh, here are a few belize pics just for fun.

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  1. i think you need to use more sunscreen. and awesome bloody fish pic.