Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Rivers

Runoff has hit hard in the area in the past week. The temps have warmed a little and its been raining a ton. The rain has been a bit of a blessing in certain ways though because its helped to melt alot of snow and accelerate our runoff. Even with the huge runoff we've been able to find some good fishing. The Firehole in yellowstone has been on fire... sorry, no pun intended. Fishing subsurface early in the day has been very effective and in the afternoons we've been getting some really good hatches of caddis and white millers that have provided some great dry fly fishing. I was just on the firehole the other day with a dad and his two sons, none of whom had ever fly fished, and we did very well. The guys learned quickly, they listened well, and they caught lots of fish. The scenery is also very interesting on the firehole because you're actually fishing in the middle of a geyser basin with geysers going off within twenty yards of you.
When i haven't been fishing the Firehole I've been fishing local lakes and beating up on some of the lake trout that are in extremely shallow water this time of year. These lakes are beautiful and those lake trout are delicious in fish tacos.

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