Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th

Fishing continues to improve in the area but it has come at a slower than expected rate. Its shocking to me how long it has taken for the water to start coming down but it does seem like it is finally coming down. Certain areas have been fishing really well but certain areas are still too high. It'll b e a little while before we're fishing the snake... the firehole is starting to get too warm... the green is still high but coming down rapidly... and the south fork is actually fishing very well. Most of the activity has been on big nymphs and streamers but we have started to see good bug activity and some rising fish in the past few days. The plus side of the high water is that fishing later this summer and into the fall will be fantastic! The fish we are catching are fat and healthy and this trend should continue through the year.

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  1. my little brother dywuan wants you to teach him how to fish.